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AJAX lance PRO Desktop 3.0


PRO Desktop 3.0 integrates tools for connecting, maintaining, and monitoring Ajax security systems. The new app offers a flexible system of roles and detailed event logs to supervise employees and optimize business processes. This is the next step in the development of Ajax professional software — a unified interface, cloud technology, and versatility to effectively solve security business problems.


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PRO Desktop 3.0 combines the best features of two Ajax desktop apps: the 911 CMS and the PRO Desktop 2.7 software for configuring and administering security systems.


If you use PRO Desktop 2.7

The app will suggest you to download and install the update. With PRO Desktop 3.0 all the regular features remain available. You will be able to connect and administer all the Ajax devices, including the upcoming products.

If you use 911


With the release of PRO Desktop 3.0, we stop the development of 911. The CMS app can be used to monitor Ajax systems alarms and events, but it will not be updated and will not support new devices.

Transition from 911 to PRO Desktop 3.0 is made as simple as possible. All you need to do is  to install the new app. When you log into your account with a login and password from 911, PRO Desktop 3.0 automatically adds company data and Ajax security systems connected to the monitoring station.


PRO Desktop 3.0 User Manual

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