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🖤 ​​Today Ajax Systems celebrates its tenth anniversary

We have grown from a small-room startup into a global business with two large plants and local teams in different countries. It's a great reason to slow down, look back at our results, successes, failures and plans for the next decade. And to thank everyone who made it possible!

We are grateful to the team that:
🚀 tests prototypes and final devices in 587 types of environment
🚀 develops software and hardware, solving complex engineering problems and taking into account multiple "buts" — so as a result, we have 33 devices in the Ajax product line
🚀 introduces Ajax to the world markets — there are already 120 of them — and doesn't stop there
🚀 wins awards and recognition of the international professional community
🚀 monitors certification, compliance with international requirements and audits
🚀 searches for the best materials and components from top Swiss, American, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch brands which guarantees the quality of all devices
🚀 produces each device in volumes which 5 years ago seemed sky-high — we already have 850,000 users

And, of course, we thank you all for your commitment, inspirational feedback and love for Ajax!